Sunday, November 15, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

No, not me unfortunately :-(

Learning to deal with loss is one of those life lessons, we all have to do it, its never fun.

The area we live in has a very high transient population, there are people who work for the Defence forces in our country, which generally means they are posted to an area for a couple of years, then they pack up and are posted to another area. We are not a defence family, I imagine I will live in this area until I am carried out kicking and screaming to a lovely nursing home, that I will complain about until I breathe my final breath, but that's another story all together.

Getting back to the point in hand, my children have had to learm from an early age that people will enter their lives and then they will leave. Of course there will be some who are always there, but there are likely to be many that will only be here for a short period of time. My middle child met her friend in the last few weeks of term last year, and they instantly clicked. In the last few weeks of term this year my daughter's friend and her family will be packing their bags and moving back to England.

We are all sad to see them go, mostly my middle child, and we wish them all the best with their next posting. On the weekend I snapped a couple of shots of them together, and put together this page. I will add another page when middle child has had a chance to think a bit, and she can add her own journaling about her friendship.

Who knows, in this day and age of technology they may keep in touch via email and Skype, and when they are old enough to travel overseas they may even meet up again and continue on with their friendship. Here's hoping :-)

Credits: Sayge Paper Pack by Michelle Martin at Designer Digitals

Faces have been blurred to protect the innocent ;-)

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