Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello 2012

DSC_3722.jpg by jocfly
DSC_3722.jpg, a photo by jocfly on Flickr.

Guess what I got for Christmas... no not purple nail polish, a hammock! LOVE

Working on finishing some pressing projects from 2011, then I will be ready for 2012. My 2012 projects will all start in February this year, due to aforementioned pressing projects. It will be a huge weight off my shoulders to finish these darn things, then I will really feel free to focus on being creative again rather than sticking my nose in a text book. 2011 was a constant war between the two, then the resulting guilt meant that even when I chose creativity I couldn't put my all into it because of the necessities I was neglecting.

So I know its been quiet here in 2011, but come February things should pick up again :)

Happy New Year!!