Thursday, November 26, 2009

In ten months time I will be

Sailboarding off Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays.
Photo: QLD Tourism

That gives me ten months to complete the process of turning this 42 year old slightly worn and bulging body into a sleek and smooth object of admiration, or at least time to lose a couple of kilos.

To say I am excited is kind of an understatement, because I am beside myself with excitement. We have made plans to do this trip before, but the planets have never aligned to allow it to happen. We are going with friends, there will be four families all together, and amazingly we can all make it at the same time!!

Some of the others are flying directly to Proserpine, but we have decided to make the most of the chance, and take the kids out of school for six weeks and road trip our way there. We are going to the Whitsundays via Central Australia and Uluru (that's Ayer's Rock to those who haven't caught up yet!).

Wow six weeks on the open road and the open seas (ok so the Whitsundays are hardly the open seas lol), it will be really hard to come back to reality after that.

So today I state my intentions for getting in shape before we go. I have already started, but its time to really speed up the action. Before we leave I will be comfortable again in my size 12's, that includes no muffin top bulging. I will be fit enough to participate fully in all of the walking, swimming, snorkelling etc that will be happening without feeling totally wrecked, and without having to slow anyone else down.

To do it - clean eating, daily exercise. Sounds simple... but we all know how deceiving it can be. I will post updates at the end of each month.

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Amy said...

Hi Jocelyn, I've found you through Shimelle's forum - it's great to find other Aussie bloggers! How's your crazy weather? We've gone from over 30 and muggy to torrential rain and massive hail stones - very hard to keep up. Your trip sounds great .. good luck with the fitness, I'm on a campaign as well!