Monday, February 21, 2011

Fairy cupcake

Fairy cupcake
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Hayley received a few Master Chef junior cooking sets for Christmas and has been in cooking mode ever since. That doesn't mean she has done a lot of cooking, just that she has badgered me constantly to do some cooking.

Finally on the weekend I agreed it was time to cook, and these fairy cupcakes were the result. They have tiny M&Ms spread through them and when they came out of the oven they looked like a little rainbow explosions - she was so proud!

So now they are iced, sprinkled and packed in lunchboxes ready for school.

When I asked Tyler if he was "man enough" to take a pink fairy cupcake to school he gave me "the look" and snorted, "just hand over the cupcake Mum", so I guess he is tough enough for it lol.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day

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Tonight was Kelly's turn to cook tea, she had already decided what she would cook, then I noticed her busily scribbling away at her desk. I didn't pay much attention at the time, so I was sweetly surprised when this turned up on the table when we sat down to eat :)

Ages ago we got a free chinese dinner set from Bing Lee which has been sitting in the cupboard unopened. This year they were giving them away again, and the ads were constanly on the television which reminded Kelly about it. She really wanted to cook something that we could use this dinner set with.

She ended up cooking Thai chicken and noodle soup, so it wasn't exactly Chinese, but, we did need to use the chopsticks for it, so she was happy with that :) and the soup was very tasty. I love that she is interested in cooking, and wanting to try out some different things.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, and the cooking is easy ;)

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Turkey burgers for tea tonight. After another busy day in the garden we needed something quick and tasty tonight, and burgers hit the spot, and of course a glass of Margaret River Cab Merlot helps it all go down that much more smoothly ;)

As much as I enjoyed our holiday, and would do it again in a heatbeat, taking two months away from the garden at the beginning of Spring leaves a tonne of work to be done later on! Its been a really hard slog but finally things are nearly back under control whew.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another first day

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Last week all the excitement was around Kelly starting high school, but the same day you started a new year of school too.

You were aprehensive, as is your way with anything new, on one hand you were looking forward to seeing all of your friends again, but on the other hand you didn't know who your teacher would be or which friends you would have in your class. We thought for sure your group would be split this year, but we were wrong. All four of you are together again this year, and, you have Mrs Walls as your teacher. If I could have hand picked your teacher for Year 4 it would have been her, so we feel pretty lucky about this :)

Have a great year Blossom xx

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hot and tired

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Its the end of a long hot day, we are all struggling to keep to cool (literally and figuratively) and right now I am just over it...

I just wrote some more words, but, I decided to delete them because nobody wants to listen to a long whinge. So I leave you today with a last minute POTD, Hayley and I taken with my phone just before she went off to bed.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

High School

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Its amazing to me that it is time for you to start high school already, surely you are only in Year 1 or Year 2? High School, wow, what blows me away is that I remember so clearly my own first day of high school. I remember the aprehension, and the excitment. I remember meeting new friends, and getting lost trying to find the right classroom. I remember catching the bus and the train for the first time.

But most of all I remember saying goodbye to my mum in the morning and seeing the look on her face as I stepped on to the train. I can only imagine the same look was on my face as you left the driveway this morning. And, I imagine the same look will be on your face the day you watch your beloved child take the next big step in their lives independent from you. You will look proud, but, you'll also have that tiny sense of sadness about you when you realise that your baby is growing up so fast.