Thursday, March 23, 2006

Back again

Goll I am surprised blogger even let me in to post it has been that long since I was here. Not all that much to say at the moment, or more so not that much time for saying it. I have been super busy planning a little project (or if all things go according to spec a "big" project) So lots of my energy has been put into that lately.

Also been glued to the heart breaking saga going on in Noras world. I am hoping and praying that things work out well for her.

Also spent a bit of time perusing other scrappers blogs. Anyone out there who enjoys scrapping should check out Ali Edwards, she inspires me big time.

And a quick thanks to Trish for her comments, she is a local girl (well local for me) and has a real flair for writing, witty, insightful and fun.

As for all of my other blog friends, I am back and looking forward to catching up on all you have been up to very soon.