Monday, November 27, 2006

Progress Report Week 4

Happy to say that I had another loss this week! I didn't do anything exciting or out there about it, just tracked everything and exercised hard. After not seeing any change on the scale last week I was really tentative about stepping on this morning, thankfully there was no reason to worry.

This week lost - 1.1kg
Total loss so far 3.1kg

Am I happy with that? You betcha :-)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Good friends make for good days :-)

Yes well, about those scales, um yes I did break them, so this morning I went to the chemist and bought new ones. These ones are WW scales, they show 100g increments (very handy if the weight loss is slow) and cost me $50. I can also keep a record of the last five weigh ins so I can see how I am going from weigh in to weigh in.

Had a really lovely day today, I finally caught up with a friend that I have been trying to catch up with for ages. She has just done a course to become a personal trainer, which is awesome, and she is happy to share tips and things too, which is great too. She helped me with some exercise ideas to build up strength in my quads again, which I really need.

I love spending time with her because she is such a positive person. I always come away from time spent with her feeling really energized. I love it. Funny thing is she always tells me she feels the same way after spending time with me, so it is a win win thing for us. We try to get together at least once a month to shop and chat, I am lucky to have her in my life.

I am more positive today too about the lack of a loss this week. I am certain things will change at my next weigh in and I am keeping focused on this, and not letting myself get down or frustrated about it. I know I am doing all the right things, the only mistake I could make right now is to stop doing them.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Progress Report Week 3

I am trying very hard to keep things in perspective this week. Half way through last week I was already showing a loss of 300g, but when I stepped on the scales at the end of week 3 I got 0, thats right nothing, so that 300g early loss was gone and I am showing no loss for the week.

I must admit I was a little cranky!

I have tracked everything, I am within my po1nts range for the week, I have exercised daily, I have done everything right - so man was I pissed when I saw the scale results (unfortunately in my crankiness I may have broken the scales ooops).

So since then I have been analysing my week to see why things havent changed. I can be almost certain it is not the food, everything about my eating has been spot on. The weekend was hot, and I spent a few hours out in the garden working pretty hard, so it could be muscle build up. I am also retaining fluid badly, and I think TOM may be about to make an appearance soon (never can tell as it is all over the place these days, seven weeks and counting, last one was twelve weeks).

All of these things might have combined to keep the scales from moving this week. Unfortunately it doesnt matter how cranky I get, it doesnt change things, so I am resigned to continuing this week doing all the right things again, and hoping that I will be double rewarded next week on the scales. Blah.

So there you have it a cranky little post, to go with a cranky little me ;-)

Loss this week - 0
Total loss - 2kg

Monday, November 13, 2006

Progress Report Week 2

Another good week this week, although towards the end of the week I didnt keep up with tracking, and as a result my food intake was a bit off target over the weekend. Have remedied this and started up tracking again today, I plan to stick to it very closely for the next week to stay focused.

This weeks results = -800g
Total so far = -2kg

Heres to another good week :-)

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Business as usual

Have been having a very busy week this week. I had a six hour interview to transcribe and my hands are really sore, it took me over twelve hours, so I dont want to type too much.

My exercise continues to be good, and so does my eating. At first I was a tiny bit disapointed with this weeks loss, then I realised that was really silly. 1.2kg is a great loss and I am really pleased, I had been thinking that because I was working so hard at it that i might have a 2kg loss as that has happened in the past when I focus on getting into a weight loss program, but my poor old body has been fooled so many times before it was probably a bit more wary this time lol. I also have to remember that there were three separate celebratory occassions last week, all involving FOOD and ALCOHOL, and I still had a really good loss.

Anyway I am staying really focused and continuing to do all the right things, and I will be really thrilled to see another loss of any kind on the scales next Monday.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Progress Report Week 1

Just a quick post, should have done it yesterday.

Lost 1.2kg

Yay Me

Saturday, November 4, 2006

When the party's over

Thanks to those who posted, and sent birthday wishes, I has a lovely day. DH ended up being home by 5.00pm, almost unheard of in the last few years, so we left the kids at home in front of the TV and had a great walk up the hill with the dog. 45 minutes huffing and puffing (its a fairly steep hill), but I felt so good afterwards. It also meant that I could relax about what I ate for tea as I had already done enough exercise to compensate.

As it was tea was pretty healthy and really tasty. Scotch fillet steak BBQ'd just the way I like it, Greek salad (my Mediterranean history dictates that I must love Greek salad, all that feta and olives.... mmmm), a bottle of Taylors Clare Valley Shiraz 2002, fruity with the slightest hint of chocolate, and two Guylian (sp?)Seashell chocolates, again my favourites. So yes, perfect for me.

Last night we went shopping as DH wanted to buy some white opal earrings for me. He was home early again (shock!) 4.00pm this time, so we drove into the city, parked the car and went shopping. This in itself is an unusual occurrence as DH rarely volunteers to shop, and usually only makes it under sufferance late on a Sunday when there are not many people about LOL. My God the people!! I didn't think that many people even lived in Canberra, let alone traipsed out to shop on a Friday night.

We ended up not buying the earrings, as the pair I really liked at first had a crack in them, so we will keep on looking, maybe even make a trip to Sydney as there is a much wider range to choose from there. By 5.30 we were in the car, we pulled out of our spot, moved 2 metres then stopped, and didn't move again for 35 minutes. Nobody did - the congestion was dreadful.

After 45 minutes of listening to the kids complain, we maneuvered back into the parking space and went back into the shopping centre to buy dinner and kill some time in the hope we would be able to get out a bit later. Thankfully the next attempt was successful and we escaped the shops, but I am not sure if I will be able to convince DH to go shopping again for a long time.

Because we were forced to eat in the shopping centre the food wasn't what I would really have wanted, the choices were pretty limited as far as healthy stuff goes, but I had a small portion, and drank lots of water, so hopefully haven't done any damage to my sterling effort this week.

Anyway hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I will be back on Monday to report on my progress for the week, and the results of my weigh in.


Thursday, November 2, 2006

Happy Birthday To ME :-)

OK so thirty nine today, I can remember when I thought that was hideously old, now I think its not so bad :-)

Had a lovely day, the kids were so excited this morning that it was my birthday it was quite funny. They couldn't wait to give me pressies and prance around singing happy birthday - very cute. Even my eleven year old was prowling around the house before 7.00am waiting for me to come back from my walk so he could see me. Its nice that he still feels that way at that age :-)

My boss took me and the other staff out for lunch today, we had a great time, then I went trawling through some second hand clothes stores with C from work and found a great denim jacket for only $9 bucks. That was the purchase of the day, although we spent about $30 each. I also got a nice stretchy top for about $7 and a gorgeous dress for my daughter for $3.50. Its amazing what you can find if you are prepared to look. As I am going to lose more weight I don't want to spend too much money on new clothes as I go down in size, so second hand stores are brilliant for that in between time, and sometimes I find things that I love for such a bargain price.

DH is coming home early tonight to cook tea for me, and I am looking forward to a relaxing night with my family.

Exercise today 45 minutes walking this morning.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

The week so far

I have been on track with everthing weight loss related this week. Each day I have been right on target with my food intake, and I have exercised, boy have I exercised.

Sunday - walked twice, pilates, upper body weights
Monday - walked 30 minutes, uppper body weights
Tuesday - walked 45 minutes, deep water running 30 minutes
Wednesday - walked 1.5 hrs, pilates, upper body weights

Thats probably more exercise than I did for the whole of September and October put together. I am expecting to see good results on the scales next Monday :-)

Exciting Day

My gorgeous sister has just given birth to my beautiful new niece!! She was born at 9.30am this morning (she was supposed to wait till tomorrow so she could be born on my birthday!!) she weighs 8lb 3oz, has lots of hair and her name is Audrey Elise.

Yay I am so excited. That makes four nieces and one nephew, my son is not going to be happy, he was really hoping it would be a boy LOL.