Sunday, February 6, 2005

Passing time

Well I still cant get the images to upload, the software keeps freezing on me, darn it. But I will give it another go this week and see what I come up with.

I managed to get some exercise in today, walked for half an hour before lunch, and thankfully the pain has almost fully gone. Just in time to stretch it all again tomorrow with another pump class LOL. Thankfully the worst is over and it is time now to start seeing some results.

I tried on the dress I want to wear to a wedding in April, and it fits!! :-))))

So another nine weeks slogging at the gym will either see it fitting really well, and displaying my honed muscles, or it will see me buying a new sexy dress in a smaller size, either way I will be really happy about that.

I am procrastinating here, as I should be studying right now, so I had better pull my finger out and get too it. I really need to get this coursework finished and pass my exam before the end of the month. I will be really dissappointed with myself if I stuff it up.

Friday, February 4, 2005

Pain and shopping, do they go hand in hand?

OMG the pain....

Went back to the gym yesterday after six weeks break.

OMG the pain...

and I know tomorrow will be worse, as I usually dont get bad until day two or three. Thankfully by Monday the pain will be gone again, then I will be at the gym again to start it all over.... no it will never be as bad again, at least not until I stop for another six week break. I always say I will keep going through the summer break, but it just seems such a hassle taking all the kids to the creche, especially when we would not otherwise be going out.

Had a shocker eating day on Wednesday, which sort of continued a bit yesterday although not quite as bad. Thankfully today I have things back under control. If I do that too often I will end up gaining on my first bootcamp weigh in instead of losing.

Went shopping this morning and spent too much money at Target getting new clothes for the kids. I still have more to get too, but I just could not look around any longer, I was getting too frustrated. What is it with my three year old that she thinks evertime I start browsing she can just wander off and browse too, I mean really!

Luckily this afternoon I dont have to go and pick up the kids from school as they both have play dates with friends. So I can fool around here for another hour or two before they come home. I want to try and upload some photos so thats what I will experiment with now.

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Stupid antivirus protection

I am nearly fed up with this stupid computer. We do the right thing, get the anti virus software installed and then all it does is interfere with my internet connection and disconnect me all the time. Arggghh!

I am trying to finish my current course on website design, and everytime I try to log in to study I waste up to an hour trying to get the connection to stay. The only way around it is to disable the virus protection, but that is not a good idea. So I just keep logging back in time after time till I get a stable connection.

Good news on the study front though. After talking with a friend this afternoon I now have a case study to use, a real case too. Not just a company I had to invent, so I am very excited about this.

As for the weight loss, not much going on there. I managed to maintain over the holidays, and I am tracking again, but I have to pull my finger out on the exercise front. Bootcamp started today. Back to the gym for Pump and half an hour of cardio. I am committed for Monday and Tuesday next week as well, so hopefully that will give me good news on the scales on Wednesday.

The writing is still on the back burner for the next four weeks, till the study is finished on March 4. Then I plan a two week break between units so I can write for a bit.

So life is looking pretty busy for me till then.