Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Who is in "Who"

All you Aussie readers, make sure you grab a copy of Who Magazine, there is a story on none other than the fabulous Shauna aka DietGirl!!!

I ran outside to show my husband "look look, someone I know from the internet, and she is so awesome... and she's in WHOO LOOOOOOOK!!"

He just looked at me like I was crazy, but I know you guys will get it ;-)

You know what I hate?

When you have a great post in your head, you get it half written and then blogger eats it!!

Then when you go back and try to recreate it, it just doesn't work anymore, what sounded really great the first time around is so muddled, and in trying to remember things the ideas tumble one on top of the other and the message is just disappears...

Oh well, change of subject ;-)

You know when you watch movies, and you see people undercover, doing surveillance, spying on the bad guy? It all looks really cool and exciting. What a lie that is lol. I work for an investigator, we are currently doing a surveillance job (not me personally doing the surveillance, I work in the office collating the surveillance reports and the photos and video footage), man those reports are so boring!! "wait outside subjects house, light turns on in living room, light turns off in living room, light turns on in bathroom, dog barks..." All those years watching Magnum PI, I was lied to! but my boss does have a moustache just like Magnum so maybe there was some truth to it lol.

Enough rambling from me, have a good day. xxx

Monday, February 4, 2008

More about food shopping

Just further to my last post, I never got around to photographing the fruit and veg, got too busy on Saturday afternoon, but I only spent about $45.00 as we have quite a bit of fresh fruit and veg from our garden at the moment, so no need to buy zuchini, herbs, tomatoes or plums this week, and a friend gave us a huge bag of grapes from his vines on the weekend as well, so we were mostly covered this week.

The money that I spend does cover everything, we dont buy lunches, do canteen/tuckshop or get takeaway (rarely anyway). My husband and I might eat out together once every few months, but otherwise all meals are prepared at home

Friday, February 1, 2008

What the world eats

This morning I did the grocery shopping, the bill came to $281.78, this is for food for two weeks, no vegetables, and no meat included. I buy veggies at about $50-70 per week and meat at about $100 per month from the markets and the butchers not the supermarket. We also buy more milk throughout the week, usually we use 2.5 litres per day.

This afternoon I got an email titled Food for Thought, showing how much an average family in various different countries in the world spends on food per week, and what they actually got. I cant post the info from the email here, but I managed to find a site that has the same info on it here , some of the links are a bit dodgy, if anyone finds it or knows of it anywhere else please let me know.

Lets just say it gave me food for thought.

For your viewing pleasure here is a photograph of what I came home with this morning for basic comparison. I will do fruit and veg tomorrow, so will get another photo to add more balance.


I estimate that we spend approximately $250 - $300 per week on food for a family of five aged 44, 40, 12, 9, 6, depending on circumstances, if we entertain its closer to $300, if it is just the five of us around the $250.

I am really curious to know how much you spend and what you get for it and how many you feed.