Thursday, September 29, 2005

Short and sweet

Made it to pump again today, and I trained at karate last night. So exercise wise things are looking OK this week. I turned my ankle at training on Saturday and it is a beautiful purple and yellow now... ouch. I did not let it stop me though, just gritted my teeth and finished the training session. It was very sore on Monday, and I skipped training to give it a rest, but it is feeling much better now, so hopefully it is behind me now.

Once my ankle is recovered enough I plan to start running again. I started a few weeks ago but was unable to continue due to various injuries, so I guess it will be back to the whole pain thing again this time.

Foodwise life sucks. I cant get my act together for more than one day. Once the kids are back at school I have to make a plan that will keep me on the straight and narrow.

We are off camping tomorrow morning, I cant wait. Four days of escaping the norm, and just kicking back and relaxing. I always tend to overeat on these trips, but I also do a lot of exercise, so lets hope the one is cancelled out by the other. Back on Tuesday.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I just talked to God

What a total crack up, go to IGod and have a chat :-)

Me: Hello God, how are you today?
God:Ah. Hello child. What is your name? My logic and cognitive functions are normal.
Me: My name is Joc
God: I am very pleased to meet you Joc.
Me: Can you tell me what the meaning of life is God?
God:Try expression yourself another way.
Me: what is the meaning of lfe?
God:Joc : Good semantic question. Are you testing me?
Me: Not at all
God:Next question?
Me: why cant elephants fly
God:Do you go to Church? You can find the answers in God.
Me: but you are god
God:Yup. That's me alright.
Me: i always imagined you would be less cheeky than this
God:Can you think of one instance when you ever did it?
Me: two or three even
God:As Bertrand Russel said, it must have taken ages for people to realize that a brace of pheasants and a couple of days are both instances of the number "two.".
Me: not too partial to pheasants myself
God:If not that, what?
Me: why do you let telemarketers continue to live?
God:It was the only thing I could think of.
Me: but they are so annoying
God:What bothers you about them?
Me: they call act like my best friends then try to rip me off
God:Who does "they" refer to?
Me: the telemarketers
God:What is that?Me: people who try to sell me things i dont want over the phone
God:Oh those people.
Me: well you created them
God:Interesting. Thanks for the information: Joc said I created them.
Me: you are god arent you
God:Yes, I am God.. Really.
Me: so that means you created all we have around us
God:Groovy. I get it. Thanks for telling me: Joc said I created all we have around us.
Me: you crack me up
God:Thanks I like talking with you too, Joc.
Me: good to talk to you god, i have to go have lunch now
God:Oh. Thanks for the compliment. You are who I want to talk with too.
Me: bye

After a while you really do start to think that maybe you are really talking to God, I mean who knows what he/she really sound like, or would be likely to say. Made my day.

Inner demons...

The demon has struck again, you know that inner demon that whispers that a little bit more wont hurt, even though I really know it will. And I cant seem to resist it. This last week I have eaten more than my fair share of eveything going around. Even worse, I make excuses because the kids are on holidays that I am buying it for them, then I let them eat one serve, and finish off the rest when they are not looking. I HATE school holidays, my demon thinks it is a good excuse to abandon any good eating I have established and hoe into the crap.

At least I have one thing to be proud about, for the first time I did not put my gym membership on hold for the holidays, I booked all the kids into the creche and went to pump on Monday, and I have them booked in for Thursday too. One rose amongst the thorns in my behaviour. I have also continued Karate training through the holidays so at least my exercise is still looking OK.

We are off to Wombeyan Caves this weekend for three nights camping. Cant wait, should be fantastic. The winter has been so long this year (well it seemed longer than last winter anyway) we are all really needing to get away and breathe in some fresh air. It also breaks the school holidays in half so the kids wont have a chance to complain about being bored, which is a good thing too.

Well it is time to pull my head in and send the demon back to where it belongs. I know what I should be doing, now it is time to do it. NO MORE BISCUITS.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Absent again

Can you believe it, here it is almost a month since I last posted AGAIN. I need to spend less time reading other peoples blogs and more time writing my own. Unbelievably looking back over the last month, I cant even think of what I did worth recording. I so hate the winter. I seem to want to hibernate and spend all of my time wishing it were warm again. I dont even like to get out of the car to wait for the kids after school, I just want them to magically arrive on the back doorstep without me having to leave the house.

Last week mother nature played a cruel trick on me by showing me a glimpse of the spring weather, but low and behold winter has returned this week. Monday our top temperature was 11 degrees celcius. 11 DEGREES ARRRGGGHH. The cold brings out really depressive thoughts in me, I cant get motivated about much, and try to avoid any activity that exposes me to the outside elements, thus my weight suffers, and my spirit suffers. I cant even get enthused about meeting friends for coffee when I know I have to shiver my way out to the car, then into whatever venue is decided upon for the coffee. Then the whole way through I keep thinking about how the heating is not high enough and how cold I am, instead of basking in the warmth of my friends and feeling better that way. Sometimes I am just too pathetic for words.

But I am sure the spring will return soon, so I will have to grin and bear it till then, and stop being such a big baby about the cold LOL.

On a positive note, I have returned to the gym, pump classes twice a week. So that is a step in the right direction. Also today I walked past a shop window and saw the most gorgeous dress. I fell in love with it right away. So I went in, tried it on, got the expert opinion from my four year old DD, then laid out the cash for it. I have not a clue where I will ever wear it, but I just had to have it. It was $80.00, so not exorbitantly expensive, but expensive enough for the type of dress it is and the likely wear I will get out of it. I will just have to convince the DH to take me out for dinner more often this summer, then I can get some wear out of it, and feel really special doing it.

Till then it will languish in my wardrobe, and be dragged out occasionally to be sighed over. :-)