Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Success at last

After much frustration I have worked out how to upload photos to my blog, YAY!! Next thing I will have to do it set up a separate blog for photos so that I can keep the family updated with pics of the kids and our holiday snaps. So much to do so little time LOL.
Finally we have worked out how to get these photos on line. From here on in I will be able to send all kinds. Posted by Hello

Here is me and my daughter Posted by Hello

Wadbilliga National Park Posted by Hello

Sleepwalking through the days

Everything feels like it is moving in slow motion in my head this week. Yesterday I fell asleep four times during the day! Four times! What is with me.

I ate really badly yesterday through the day so that is probably the biggest culprit. I really have to try and do better today because I have too much to do to be able to sleep the day away.

Bit more motivated this morning, the house is done and the kids are dressed all before ten o clock today, first time in a while LOL. This whole school holiday thing really gets you feeling lazy.

The whole weight loss thing is going nowhere this week. I have the breakfast under control, I am walking for half an hour most mornings (this morning I made an exception due to the midday naps yesterday), and tea is always healthy. It is just the hours between 10.00am and 5.00pm that I really am struggling with. If only I could come up with some healthy tasty lunch options that don't require a lot of prep. Most days I just grab the most convenient thing to hand as I am perpetually lazy.

I have a huge pile of work to type this week so its time to get off the computer and start earning some money...

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Lucky I have no readers...

because if I did they would all have left by now anyhow, given the time between updates on my blog here. Busy is the only way to describe life right now, kids home on school holidays, transcribing to be done and assignments to start and finish.

I have been researching a lot lately, looking for information on writing, hints and tips, things not to do etc. In the process I discovered a new author whom I think I will really enjoy. A link led me to her website, and the whole tone of the site really appealed to me. She also has excerpts from her books available, ususally the first chapter. Already I am dying to find out what happens next, so off to the bookstore we go to see if any of her work is available here. Unfortunately some of the authors I want to read at the moment are unavailable in Australia, which means waiting, waiting, waiting... although Mum is going to try and pick some up in London for me if possible YAY!

Weight wise things are not looking rosy after the wedding last weekend in Manly. A gain of 800g this week puts me back up close to 76kg again. So back on the straight and narrow this week in pursuit of my lowest weight for 2005.

One thing that I really noticed this weekend is how much eating badly really makes me feel bad. I had really awful indigestion on Saturday night and just felt so slow on Sunday and Monday. I am sure not enough sleep and too much rich food and alcohol are the culprits and I have to cut these bad habits from my life. I am getting too old now to put up with feeling bad all the time.

Time to make my life a healthy place.