Saturday, November 21, 2009


Its mid spring and we are experiencing high summer temperatures and everything that goes with that. Flies, fires, sticky skin, muggy sleepless nights and fraying temperatures.

All of this could be easily aleviated if only Mr Accountant had seen fit to allow for the cost of an air conditioner when we built our home. But, he didn't, so we swelter.

Its too hot to even sit here and use the computer :-(

Plans are in place to obtain relief in the form of sweet cool air directed through out the house via fancy little ducts in the ceiling, but the timeframe is still hazy.

Hope you are keeping cool (or warm as the hemisphere dictates). More blogging will follow if I manage to drag myself from bed before the sun rises and heats us up, otherwise things may be slow as my fingers can't even find purchase on the keyboard through the film of sweat coating them.


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