Friday, April 29, 2011

Now if you want to see a really good LO

Go and check out my friend Michelle's page at 2 Peas. I am totally scraplifting this page, I heart it!

She used a new kit that will be available at Digital Designer Shop next week for (i)NSD. For a chance to win the kit and to get some nice freebies and have some fun come and check out Digital Designer Blog for details.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Feast or a famine round here

OK so I go for weeks without posting and then, here I am with a third post in one day. I had to put this up here though because its been so long since I scrapped I had to record the event for posterity.

Template Double D from Designer Digitals, all other elements and papers by Cilenia Curtis at Digital Designer Shop.

How can you not smile?

Its kind of hard not to crack a smile when you walk out to get in the car in the morning to find that someone has left you a message for the day :)

Last day of the holidays

Just hanging out today with the kids, our last day of school holidays before the new term starts. Its been a funny type of holidays this time, I worked the first week, while dh stayed home with the kids then he went to work while I stayed home. Then my parents came for a visit, which was great. Then it was Easter, and we had heaps of jobs around the house to sort out. And now, we are here at the last day.

I wish we had another week... its all been over far too quickly.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The grunt years

Many years ago I gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy. He was the light of my life, he always had something interesting (well he thought it interesting) to share with me, he laughed a lot, he even thought I was funny. He loved hanging out with me, he like to bring his friends home to meet me.

Recently that boy went missing. In his room there is another boy who lives there, he answers almost all enquiries with a grunt or meh or whatev', and heaven forbid his friends coming to our house, or even meeting us. All the experts say that I can expect this boy to live in my boy's room for about two or three years, then my old boy will in all likelihood come back.

Universe, if you are listening, I am praying for patience. Really. Praying. Hard !! I long for the day when I ask "how was your day Mate?" and get more than a grunt in reply ;)

Nobody warns you about teenagers when you decide to have a baby, I guess if they did people might be less interested in the whole affair :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


For most of my life I played netball, I also coached and umpired. Most winters my entire Saturday was spent running up and down a netball court, and when I was old enough to drive myself I started playing mid week in night competitions, then also indoor netball. It was a HUGE part of my life.

Sadly my poor body is not up for playing anymore :( but both of my girl are playing Saturday competition now, and this year I took the plunge and put my hand up to coach again. Tonight was our first training session, and I felt almost exhilirated when we got home. I have missed being involved so much. I had some misgivings when I volunteered, but they have all faded for now. I had fun. I can only hope the girls did too.

Miss H has the most fantastic coach so I didn't want to intefere with a good thing, but Miss K's team was coachless, so I am looking after her team this year. I have nine girls all around 13-14 years old, some familiar faces, but a few I don't know. I only hope I can help them all to enjoy a great season of netball.

Friday, April 1, 2011

spare a thought

just a quick post today to ask anyone who reads this to spare a thought for my two year old nephew, he is in hospital with pneumonia and asthma. He is responding well to medications but still needs some more healing before he can go home.