Tuesday, November 25, 2008

25/11/08 Layouts

Here are a few more pages I have created in the last little while.

I cant remember whose digi elements I used in these pages, but some credit goes to Cathy Zielske, Jessica Sprague, Paisley Press and Ali Edwards for various items and inspirations.

Didn't you just love the 70's

I have been having a bit of fun this morning, I've been scanning photos from my old childhood photo album. I wanted to scan everything so that it is all in one place in case of emergency, and so that I can scrap some of my old photos digitally, as I am now addicted to digi and unlikely to do much paper scrapping in the forseeable future.

During my exploits I uncovered this gem...

Go ahead, laugh... I did.

The long straight hair, the hair ribbon, the freckles, the dress (that dress reached to my ankles, and my little sister had a matching one).

The one really great thing about looking at old photos from the 70's is it makes the photos I take these days look like masterpieces.

Until later

Friday, November 21, 2008

A page from the past

Remember when you were in highschool and you thought you were cool, and anyone who wasn't doing what you were doing just wasn't that cool?

Then you become an adult, and you look back on the things you used to do and you cringe ;-D

Well back when I was in high school my friends and I were all a little addicted to the movie Grease, some of us went so far as to make our own pink jackets so we could be modern day Pink Ladies. Oh Dear!

Heritage scrapping at its very best lol