Monday, December 11, 2006

What's going on...

Well its been all weight loss work and no play over here for a while, so I thought I'd do a quick review of the last week so you can see that I am doing things other than working on losing weight lol.


... OK so Saturday there was nothing of note to tell you lets move on


Made jam with Andrea Bocelli. The stereo was blaring opera (the neighbours must wonder about me, punk one week opera the next) and I chopped, stirred, boiled and bottled for hour after hour. We have a few fruit trees, and we use strawberry plants as ground cover, so there is always something coming ripe in our garden. Sunday was loquats and strawberries. The jam turned out great, very tasty although not for daily consumption cos there's heaps of sugar.


Usually my clean the house and catch up day, but this week I was at the airport again, for the third time in as many weeks collecting a friend on her return home. We headed back to my place to catch up and have lunch - unfortunately the house still hasn't been cleaned!


Work. We are just finishing up an investigation for a local department on the use of the Internet at work, specifically the people using it to access p0rn! A word of warning for anyone out there using their work computers to access the internet - BE CAREFUL, check the agreed usage guidelines or you could find yourself in trouble!


SHOPPING. I was supposed to finish my Christmas shopping. Ha what a laugh, finish it - I hardly even made a dent, so this week I am back to the shops again. Hopefully for the last time though.


More work, more internet p0rn lol.


Not usually a work day, but we have been so busy I had to go in on Friday so I could finish the invoicing so we might get paid again before Christmas.


Hours in the kitchen slicing, dicing, mixing etc making food for a party we were attending that night. Then finally hours sitting on my butt with a wee bit of champagne in hand (all right well a lot of champagne) by a friends new pool (nicely warmed to 32 degrees to ward of that first shock factor on entry), lots of good friends and fun. Both DH and myself could let our hair down as we were staying over night, so we staggered to bed near 2am.


Staggered out of bed around 8am, enjoyed breakfast with our friends, spent a bit more time in the pool, then headed home to count down the hours till we could go back to bed.

Which brings me back to Monday. The house still hasn't been cleaned, and nothing much is happening on it because I am sitting here reading blogs on the internet. Didn't weigh in this morning, but will be back tomorrow with an update. Hopefully I was restrained enough on the weekend to avoid any major gains.


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Sue said...

Phew! Who cares about a dirty house when you're having fun...