Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Finally I have finished my Christmas Shopping!!!

Yay Yay doing the happy dance. I now dont need to go back to the shops for anything until after Christmas. I do still have food to buy, but I can get that from my local supermarket, no need to go the town centre malls.

Yipee, Yay, woo hoo!!!! (Can you tell I am relieved that its all done?)

This morning started out at 9.00am, and we finally sat down for coffee at 2.00pm, and for once I didn't buy a single thing for me ;-) (although I did check out a jewellery store that is closing down after twenty years, they have really lovely designer pieces at good prices, but I restrained myself lol)

Now all that's left is to wrap it all, and pack it in the car to take to Sydney for Christmas Day.

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