Friday, December 1, 2006

Progress Report - End Of November

I am really happy to say that November has been a good month on the scales. I started out the month at my heaviest non pregnant weight, which was the most depressing thing, but happily am on my way to a healthy lighter me.

1st November 86.6kg (190.5 lbs)
1st December 82.9kg (182.3 lbs)

Loss for November 3.7kg (8.2 lbs)

As for non scale achievement, I am now able to fit back into my 3/4 denim pants again, last time I tried them someone was in danger of losing an eye when the button popped. I am able to walk to the top of my hill (my daily walking path) and back down in an hour, whereas it was taking me an hour just to walk halfway at the start of November. I have visible triceps again, and the biceps are starting to emerge too :-)

My goal for December is to maintain this momentum, realistically with Christmas in there I might not lose quite as much, but I am determined to lose something. I am aiming for an average of 500g per week for December.


dg said...

you bloody legend! what a killer result. i am proud of you over here in internetland :)

Lynne said...

Wow! Congratulations, I am so impressed!
Keep on going, joc! You are awesome!