Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Progress Report Week 3

I am trying very hard to keep things in perspective this week. Half way through last week I was already showing a loss of 300g, but when I stepped on the scales at the end of week 3 I got 0, thats right nothing, so that 300g early loss was gone and I am showing no loss for the week.

I must admit I was a little cranky!

I have tracked everything, I am within my po1nts range for the week, I have exercised daily, I have done everything right - so man was I pissed when I saw the scale results (unfortunately in my crankiness I may have broken the scales ooops).

So since then I have been analysing my week to see why things havent changed. I can be almost certain it is not the food, everything about my eating has been spot on. The weekend was hot, and I spent a few hours out in the garden working pretty hard, so it could be muscle build up. I am also retaining fluid badly, and I think TOM may be about to make an appearance soon (never can tell as it is all over the place these days, seven weeks and counting, last one was twelve weeks).

All of these things might have combined to keep the scales from moving this week. Unfortunately it doesnt matter how cranky I get, it doesnt change things, so I am resigned to continuing this week doing all the right things again, and hoping that I will be double rewarded next week on the scales. Blah.

So there you have it a cranky little post, to go with a cranky little me ;-)

Loss this week - 0
Total loss - 2kg

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