Thursday, November 2, 2006

Happy Birthday To ME :-)

OK so thirty nine today, I can remember when I thought that was hideously old, now I think its not so bad :-)

Had a lovely day, the kids were so excited this morning that it was my birthday it was quite funny. They couldn't wait to give me pressies and prance around singing happy birthday - very cute. Even my eleven year old was prowling around the house before 7.00am waiting for me to come back from my walk so he could see me. Its nice that he still feels that way at that age :-)

My boss took me and the other staff out for lunch today, we had a great time, then I went trawling through some second hand clothes stores with C from work and found a great denim jacket for only $9 bucks. That was the purchase of the day, although we spent about $30 each. I also got a nice stretchy top for about $7 and a gorgeous dress for my daughter for $3.50. Its amazing what you can find if you are prepared to look. As I am going to lose more weight I don't want to spend too much money on new clothes as I go down in size, so second hand stores are brilliant for that in between time, and sometimes I find things that I love for such a bargain price.

DH is coming home early tonight to cook tea for me, and I am looking forward to a relaxing night with my family.

Exercise today 45 minutes walking this morning.


Sue said...

Hope you're having a lovely birthday.

Wendi said...

Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!