Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Business as usual

Have been having a very busy week this week. I had a six hour interview to transcribe and my hands are really sore, it took me over twelve hours, so I dont want to type too much.

My exercise continues to be good, and so does my eating. At first I was a tiny bit disapointed with this weeks loss, then I realised that was really silly. 1.2kg is a great loss and I am really pleased, I had been thinking that because I was working so hard at it that i might have a 2kg loss as that has happened in the past when I focus on getting into a weight loss program, but my poor old body has been fooled so many times before it was probably a bit more wary this time lol. I also have to remember that there were three separate celebratory occassions last week, all involving FOOD and ALCOHOL, and I still had a really good loss.

Anyway I am staying really focused and continuing to do all the right things, and I will be really thrilled to see another loss of any kind on the scales next Monday.

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Lynne said...

1.2 kg is awesome! I think that translate to 2 or so pounds gone? Yep, that's really awesome! Congrats and good luck for next monday!