Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This girls life...

is so boring lol.

I have spent the last week wondering what I would find to post about next. Nothing much has been going on in my life, just the same ol same ol.

The kids are back at school, dh is working long hours because its the end of financial year and he's and accountant, I am back at work two days a week... and thats about it.

I read so many blogs (note to self, update list of links here) and so many of you are having so much going on in your lives. I need to organise some excitment to keep up with all of the exploits of the internets around me.

On the health and fitness front things are still rumbling along. I am still exercising and eating OK, but I am still not losing any weight on the scales - bummer. All I can do is keep on working at it. Sooner or later it will all click together. I have been doing WW No count, but I am going to switch to points because obviously I am doing something wrong with the no count.

I have lots of half finished scrapbook pages sitting on my desk, and they are starting to really bug me, so I am off to a scrapathon tomorrow night, in the hope of getting some of them done.

Babysitting today, so I better go and check on the little one. Hopefully I can think of something more exciting to post tomorrow.

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