Monday, July 17, 2006


Had one of those weekends that is just dead set lazy. It rained all weekend! Thats something we haven't experienced for such a long time. I had a nostaligic kind of mood hanging over me all weekend because of the rain. When I was a kid I remember weekends of rain, I lived in Sydney then, so the rain wasn't accompanied by icy frost cold then like it is here in Canberra, and we used to play in the rain. You know, run around in the puddles, splash each other, get really wet, really dirty but have a great time.

My kids like to do that too. The thing is by the time they come in their little fingers are only a degree away from frostbite (usually their toes too, because they wont keep shoes on), their noses are red, and dripping, and of course now it is my job to clean up the mess they make when they come back in. So unsurprisingly I am no longer a big fan of the kids playing in the rain lol. Ah its only when you are an adult and have the resonsiblity of children yourself that you appreciate what you put your mother though.

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Zara said...

Funny how that is, isn't it? I find myself passing on a bit of my OCD tendencies on to my 3-year old daughter, although I try very hard not to make a big deal out of accidents like spilling a drink because I know those things are accidents. As it stands now, she won't touch the toilet handle in public washrooms (makes me flush it) and copies many other of my germ-avoiding and mess-avoiding behaviours.

And like you, I am not a big fan of wet, drippy kids and the mess they bring in the house, ha!