Tuesday, July 4, 2006

3 days in a row

for the first time in ages I have exercised three days in a row yipee

Saturday I walked for thirty minutes.
Sunday I walked for an hour and a half and lots of that was straight uphill
Monday I walked for thirty minutes

Yay me.

Tuesday I wont get out for a walk today as I have been at work all day, then picking the kids up from the other side of the city, so I will aim to do some pilates or light weights tonight just to keep up some momentum.

The walk on Sunday was hard, it made me realise how unfit I am, half way up the hill I was ready to puke, and I looked up to see the kids RUNNING the last part to the top. Man what a bummer, that meant I had to keep going, and it really was too steep for me to turn around and walk back down lol.

I have found with my gammy knee I can now walk up hills, but I cant walk down very well. I joked to my DH that I could go out walking, up all of the hills, and call him on my mobile to come pick me up once I have to come back down again :-)

Guess that means I am on my way to heaven cos I cant get down to hell LOL

Got another planned walk in the morning to take Joan to preschool, then I might continue on from there and make a longer outing of it. The two older kids and the puppy will be with me, and they can walk pretty fast and pretty far now.

How pathetic, I am actually excited at the thought of exercising everyday this week - I need to get a life ;-)))


Madamx81 said...

Well done on all the exercise! Doesn't it feel good to get moving??

Lynne said...

Hey, congratulations on the exercise!

I totally get excited about exercising everyday, too! Maybe we both need lives?

Kath said...

That's not pathetic. I could barely sleep last night because I started a new diet today and I was just so excited! Hooray for you!