Monday, July 3, 2006

Owning It

Saturday, 1 July 2006

My last weigh in was uneventful, no loss, no gain. I can honestly say though that is exactly what I expected. After my previous post I had a week or so mired in procrastination, self disgust, despair, introspection, apathy, the whole spectrum of emotions. But the good thing was I allowed it to happen, I didnt try to talk myself in to positivity, I just let myself feel it all. It was hard, but good, I know now that just because I don't stick to plan for a week it is not the end of the world, I also know that if I lie to myself about my actions I will be forever disappointed with my results.

I have to own my actions, and my emotions, not let them own me.

I set myself some goals for the week, I stated them here, I only achieved one of them.

I didn't walk for half an hour everyday
I didn't steer clear of BLT

I didn't lie to myself

I accept my responsibility in this weeks result. I didn't eat like someone trying to lose weight, I didn't exercise like someone trying to lose weight, there fore I didn't lose weight.

I did however feel more positive in my whole journey.

My goal for the month of June was to lose 2kg. My result for June was 700g. That puts me 1.3kg to make up for. It unrealistic to think I will do all of this in July, but over July and August it is possible, which will put me back on track for achieving my goals in the time frame I am aiming for.

For so long I have been "losing weight", but I don't think I have really put a time frame on it. It was just going to happen when it happened. Well you can see how well that has been working for me. So I sat down with my trusty Excel Spreadsheet and worked out a time frame for my goals. I am looking at this being a year long project, it may come faster than that, and if it does that is great, but if it doesn't I am OK with that too.

My goal is to lose 20kg (44 lbs), and I am aiming at doing this by 1st June 2007. To do this I must lose up to 500g (1.1 lbs) per week. When I say up to I am allowing for the fact that some weeks I will lose less than this, some I may lose more, and some weeks like Christmas, I may even maintain or gain. 20kg in 12 months is doable. It is now up to me to do it.

This week I will not indulge in BLTs
This week I will walk for half an hour everyday
This week I will continue to be honest with myself

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