Wednesday, July 12, 2006

in the groove

I finally feel like I am getting back in the healthy groove. I am back to exercising regularly, and eating sensibly. Feels good too.

I was so proud of myself on Saturday night. We had friends coming over for tea, I cooked roast lamb, potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, peas and gravy for mains, then chocolate brownies and ice cream for dessert. I told myself I wasn't going to have dessert in the morning, just serve everyone elses and finish my glass of wine while they ate.

Of course I have said this dozens of times before, all set up with good intentions etc, but usually I cave in and eat it, then end up gorging on it because I am so pissed with myself for giving in.

Finally succes!!! I didn't eat dessert, I only had one serving of tea even though there was heaps left over, I only had a couple of glasses of wine, and I didn't eat any nibblies.

In the past I would have felt really ripped off, like I had missed out big time on all the good stuff, amazingly this time I felt really good.

And even better I didn't wake at 2.30am with roaring heartburn, and there was no sign of a hang over on Sunday morning. That Rocks!!

The best part about it was, I didn't even feel like I missed out. How good is that. I have never felt like that before.

Since then I have had a good week, I have eaten sensibly and exercised. I feel almost like a normal fit and healthy person again this week, for the first time in sooooo long.

I cancelled my gym membership this week too. My friend and I have set up a home gym routine using hand weights, swiss ball and resistance bands (well we will use resistance bands next time when she remembers to bring them). Twice a week we are meeting on my family room floor to work out together. I will do another workout on the weekend with DH to make it to three a week. Yesterday was great. Some of the exercises would look out of place in the gym - like bench pressing the two year old because she wanted to play too lol, but the result was the same, I felt like I had a good workout by the end of it. And now that $55 a month I have been paying for gym that I dont use anymore can go into my account for clothing for summer in a smaller size. Yay Me.

This afternoon I was really getting the munchies, and I did reach into the cupboard for some choc bits, you know the ones you use in choc chip cookies, but after eating one, I came to my senses and got myself a bowl of cereal instead. It does mean that I have gone over points for the day, but at least the cereal filled me up, whereas the choc bits wouldn't have, and I would have ended up standing in the pantry again eating indiscriminately (sp?)

Hoping for a good result at my next weigh in - cos I deserve it :-)


Cinders said...

Hi. thanks for your comments on my blog recently. Sounds like a very successful Saturday night - well done.
Good to hear you're getting your groove back and the home circuit is a great idea. I used to bench press my boy also but he is too heavy now. :(
How long before you can go back to Karate? It must be hard for you.

Zara said...

Wow - you're doing AWESOME!