Wednesday, May 24, 2006


All my life I have been afraid of the spectre of breast cancer. My Aunt found out she had breast cancer when I was very young, in fact I cant remember her from before that time. She was in her thirties and was pregnant with her second child. She died in her mid forties after fighting the disease for more than ten years. She was my mothers eldest sister. My great grandmother, my grandmother and my great Aunt also had breast cancer, although none of them died due to it. I have always regularly done self exams, and have lived with the thought that one day it could be me. Each time someone high profile is diagnosed, especially when they are as young or younger than me it gives me chills.

So you can imagine how I felt when I found a lump last week.

I have just come back from having a mammogram and ultrasound. I don't have the results yet, that will be tomorrow afternoon after 2pm.

Surprisingly I am very calm, I have been vigilant, as soon as I found something I went to have it checked out, so I know if this is it, then I have caught it early.

So right now all I can do is wait.


dg said...

will keep my finegrs crossed for you mate *huuugs*

Zara said...

Me, too, joc. Let us know as soon as those results come back! I'm glad you're so vigilant.

Mia Goddess said...

ugh. Fingers crossed, and waiting sucks.