Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Changing gears

Well things have been a bit woe is me here lately, time to shift up. I have actually had a few good things going on to, I just have been over focussed on the bad things.

Have I told you I have my own personal life coach?

Well Rach is training to be a life coach, and I am one of her guinea pigs, but you know it is the best guinea pig experience I have ever had. She is just great, and I am sure she will be a really successful life coach in the future. Her business is called In The Groove, feel free to check out her MSN space, and if you are interested in having a life coach, it is well worth talking to her.

She has recently completed some courses, (dont ask me to explain what they are about because I cant remember the details) and one of them specialised in NLP Neural Linguistic Programming?? anyway my take in it is using techniques to change habits in a nutshell. So she need some practice, and I was willing to work with her.

Guess what?? It works! We have kilos, and I do mean kilos of chocolate in our house at the moment, I have been stressing about it as it really is one of my weaknesses. After working through the process with Rachael I can now honestly say, that I can take or leave chocolate. I have been able to minimise the appeal of chocolate so much, that I am confident that those kilos of chocolate will still be sitting on the shelf in my cupboard until the kids and DH decide to eat them.

My mouth used to water just hearing the word chocolate, now, I dont even give it a second thought. Feeling good, one down x to go!

I have also been successful in walking for half an hour everyday this week since Friday. I did not walk today, as I have a funny cramping feeling in the centre of my chest, I think I have strained a muscle (strangely enough it happened when i was yawning), so I am going to try some stretching this evening and see how it is tomorrow, my guess is it will be gone.

Feeling a bit creative today, so maybe I will go and do some scrapping tonight instead of watching mind numbingly boring television.


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