Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jam Time

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Summer time in our house means its time to start making jam again. On the weekend FIL brought over two large buckets of apricots from his tree in the backyard, and last night I turned one of those buckets into twenty jars of Apricot Jam.

Then I looked up into the top of the pantry and saw at least 15 jars still waiting to be opened from last year! And that doesn't count the plum, strawberry and loquat still waiting up there as well.

I remember DH talking about clearing out his Grandma's house when she moved and finding jars of preserved fruit that were older than him. Its possible that my grandkids will find the same thing in my old house one day in the future too :)

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Jenny said...

Yum Joc. There's nothing like homemade jam. Good on you. It's much nicer than bought jam. I love the tartness of homemade apricot jam it tastes so different to shop jam.