Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Genuis at Work

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Its so hard to get a photo of this kid lately. He scowls at the camera, or shifts suddenly out of the way, so even though this is blurry and dark it takes pride of place as the photo of the day for today.

Most of my POTD's this year are coming from my camera phone, and I am finding it much easier to post them to the internet and blog them doing it this way. I tend to leave photos on my camera for too long before downloading to the computer then ending up with a huge job of organising, tagging and uploading, which made P365 last year quite a chore. This year I decided the most important thing was to capture the moments, not necessarily have the "best" photos, and it has really made my P365 process simpler.

I am still taking some photos with the DSLR which will be included, but the camera phone is making life easier for the majority of the everyday shots.

You might have noticed there is also more blogging going on too, again the phone camera is helping here, because I take the shot, send it to Flickr from the phone, then when I hop into Flickr, I can blog the photo directly from there. Many of my non blogging resulted from the hassle of opening blogger and waiting for it to decide it was ready to allow me to post etc. The Flickr interaction has made it all so much quicker. 2010 was a slow blogging year for me, but already 2011 is looking up :)

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Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I'm glad you found an easier way to upload photos, Jocelyn. It's been fun to see you blogging more. And who cares what camera the photos were taken from, right? This is a sweet shot of your son(I'm guessing?).

My daughter just showed me how to use Flickr and it does seem like it will be much easier to add photos to Blogger! Well done!