Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Progress Report - End of February

I cant believe it is the end of February already. Anyway I hopped on the scales this morning with less trepidation than I had expected yesterday and the results were:

End of January - 81.3
End of February - 81.3

Yep maintained for February Yay. I do know that in the middle of February I had gone up again, so it was a bit of an up and down month.

Last night I sat down and edited my trusty spreadsheet, I can see where I have been and where I want to go with my weight loss, and this has helped me get my mind back on track. Next time I am dithering about and going through a flat spot someone remind me to open my spreadsheet, it seems to help me focus lol. Yes I am a bit of a geek like that, I love plans and graphs, all that type of thing, that's not to say I am really good at sticking to them, but I love making them.

I think the difference for me in the last week has been upping my veggie intake, and drinking a truckload of water. I feel so much better when I am drinking more water, but the dumb thing is I forget that when I am going through one of my unmotivated periods, and so I feel even worse, and unmotivated because i am so dehydrated. One day it will all click for me surely. The biggest hurdle I fact these days is that I am so bloody forgetful, and get easily distracted, so I forget to drink my water, and I get off plan easily when something else catches my attention. That's one of the things I complain about with my kids, its obvious where they got it from lol.

Also did some scrapping last night, I am trying out 8.5 x 11 formats for a change. I am trying to fit my scrapping vision into my own personal style, for a long time now I have copied lots of different styles, but I think I am finally working out exactly what suits me, that makes me happy.

Growing up is such a trial - but I am sure it will be worth it in the end ;-)

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