Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New career perhaps?

Ever noticed how often no blogging correlates directly to no forward movement on the weight loss endeavours?

Well that has been me lately. I haven't blogged regularly for weeks now, although I have been reading other peoples blogs when I can find time, and I haven't been losing any weight either. I'm not sure where the scales are at now, last time I weighed was over a week ago and I was back up to 83.5 after having been down as far as 81.something ( I think it was 81.9), so more than 1.5kg gain since the beginning of the year.

I cant believe how difficult I have found it to just do the right thing for the last few weeks! I am not eating really badly at the moment, but my exercise as been sporadic. My knee is playing up again, funnily enough when there is rain around town. You know how your old Grandpa used to tell you it was going to rain, he could feel it in his bones, or his arthritis, or his bad leg etc, well I gotta tell you I think old grandpa was right. We have had months of dry dry weather, no moisture in the air at all, and I have had months of problem free knee. In the last two weeks we have experienced RAIN, yes rain, and I have had PAIN, yes pain in my knee. Weird pain, aching and sort of feels tight like it is swollen, except it doesn't look swollen.

Maybe I can travel the world predicting rain now, makes for an interesting career move. I might be more successful at that than I have been at the weight loss lately.

Still I am not despairing, I know I will lose it, I just need to work on the one step at a time process. Earlier this year Dietgirl wrote that she will see her goal this year, even if she just loses one pound a week, so based on that theory, I will see my goal this year too - just one pound a week, surely that's not too much to handle.

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Zanna, travelling tart, back in Oz said...

Yep - can definitely relate to the no blogging no progress concept. Sorry to hear your knee is playing - but I guess you are suffering for a good cause......much needed rain. Hope you find your focus again soon.