Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Progress Report Week 8 & 9

If only good intentions were the answer sigh...

I completely neglected to remember to substitute water for alcohol over the Christmas period, in fact for about five days in a row I drank copious amounts of alcohol, cringe, but I was happy while it was happening lol.

Then there was the matter of tracking, well I didnt do that either.

As for what I ate, it wasnt too bad all things told. I only overate at two meals, and that was a splurge on dips, cheese and crackers both times. The other eating wasnt too bad.

I DID walk every day from the 24th to today for at least half an hour, so my exercise didnt suffer too badly.

So in summary the eating wasnt too bad, the exercise wasnt too bad, the tracking was non existant, and the alcohol... lets just say that January is going to be a dry month ;-)

Last weigh in - 82.6kg
Xmas Gain - 600g
Current weight - 83.2kg

So for December I have managed to gain 300g :-(

So bring on January, the festivities are over, and its time to get back to the program again, if only I could remember where I put that pesky motivation... I know its around here somewhere... umm maybe its under the bed...

Oh you're still here? sorry I'll say ta ta for now and go find where I left my motivation, and I'll be back soon :-)


Miss Milo said...

December is a really hard month darl... you should be proud that you only put on 300g! I think that's a great effort. Most people put on far more over the holiday season!

But yes, it does feel nice moving into January, knowing things will be a little bit easier from now on...

Hope you are having a great day :o)

Wendi said...


Sue said...

I found my motivation at the gym - just had to force myself to go!

PersistentGirl said...

In "anne of green gables" anne's teacher told her that each new day is fresh with no mistakes in it! I'm not sure if I already said this, but from your photo it looks like you're practically at goal anyway :o)

Thanks for the compliment on my december weight loss - I'm only in my second month - I think it is easier at the beginning!