Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Progress Report Week 10


I was hopeful when I stepped on the scales this morning, but ... you know what its like, you think you will have a loss but you are terrified that something bad happened over night and instead you gained 2kgs, anyway I stepped on the scales and shut my eyes just in case, when I finally peeked there it was...

I lost 1.2kg this week yipee!!!

So that blew away my horrid little Christmas/NYE gain and put me firmly in a good place to achieve my January goals. YAY ME!

Previous Weight - 83.2kg
Lost 1.2kg
Current Weight - 82kg

Today I am happy. I started tracking again last week, which I think has made the biggest difference to the previous weeks.

I did have a few treats, in particular I went to High Tea at the Hyatt Hotel in Canberra - lush, I am looking for another excuse to do this as it was so beautiful, I will post about it when I get around to downloading the photos from my camera.

We have also had fresh apricots from my FIL's tree. They go bad really quickly in the heat so I stewed them and we have been eating them for dessert each night, I pour a tiny amount of cream on them about the size of a ten cent piece, swish them around so the cream touches each piece then I slowly eat them, I only have about two apricots all up, but I make sure they take about fifteen minutes to eat so that I can savour them - so good.

And there's been more cooking with the my little one. This time it was choc chip cookies, and man were they good. I'll post more on this later too cos I took photos (my kids think its hilarious that I take photos of most of the food we cook) and they came out all round and chocolaty, and chippy, and just like the pictures in the book. I was so proud. Usually my cookies taste great, but they never look like the ones in the book lol.

All things told, week 10 has been a pretty good week here, and I'm looking forward to Week 11



Zanna, travelling tart, back in Oz said...

Woo Hoo You! Fantastic loss and great start to the year.

Lynne said...

Wow! It sounds like you had a fantastic week!
And yes, you totally rock!

PersistentGirl said...

Way to go! That's an awesome result :)

Zara said...

Joc ROCKS! And so cute that you are cooking with your kids. We love that, too!

Sue said...

You do indeed rock!

Miss Milo said...

YAYYY Joc! I'm so excited for you! You rock girl :o)

High tea sounds wonderful! Please do post pics :o)