Monday, January 30, 2006

Getting back on track

Its been so long since I had any kind of routine with my food and with my exercise, so I am really glad to be feeling some direction happening now. I checked out SPARKPEOPLE thanks to Beck for the recommendation. I like it!

So I have tracked out my plan for the week, exercise and food, although I still need to update the food pages as I am doing my own food plan and not the one they recommend, but things are looking good so far.

I am also thrilled to report that last night I went walking for an hour and my knee did not give me any trouble (well nothing that would stop me anyway), and it has continued to be pain free today too. Hooray! That gives me more confidence to get out there and push it a little more now. You never know I may just be able to get back to my beloved Karate after all.

The scales have not changed for two weeks now, and all that time I have been saying well TOM is due blah blah, but TOM has not made an appearance, so it looks like the reason the scales are not moving is because I am not moving either. (and no I dont think I am pregnant my cycle is just all over the place since stopping OC's last year).

Today was a strength day for me and I have done my workout even with the horrible heat in this house right now 33degrees inside and no air conditioning YUK. I would like to go for a half hour walk tonight also as I think it will help me to sleep if I am a bit worn out before bed.

Kids are back to school tomorrow YAY, as much as I love them, they are getting sick of being at home and really starting to get on my nerves. Lately I have not even been able to go to the toilet in peace, there is always someone yelling "MUM...", now I understand mothers with toddlers cant go to the toilet in peace, but mine are all four years old or more - surely ten minutes to myself is not too much to ask? Any way I am glad they are excited about going back to school, and I am looking forward to my first year with some child free days as my youngest will be at preschool for three days a week this year. I am only working for two of those days and the third day I can do whatever I please. My sister Lucy reckons I will probably sit on the lounge for the first few weeks just because I can! LOL

So I leave this post feeling positive, and hopeful for my weight loss/health future.

Food today
2 weet bix
1 tsp sugar
skim milk

2 slices whole meal bread
low fat cream cheese


choc wedge ( I know not exactly healthy weight loss food)

Beef stir fry

tricep raises
lateral raises
inner thigh lifts (cant remember techo term)
side bends

30 mins walk

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