Monday, January 9, 2006

Happy New Year

All right so it is a little late to be saying this, but this is my first post for the new year and I am saying it, so there...

The first nine days of the new year have been interesting, I hope they are not setting a pattern for the rest of the year cause if they are I may as well just go to sleep and wake me up in 2007!

So far there has been a bottle (yes bottle) of red wine spilt on my cream carpet, a water pump failure in my car, arguments with DH about money and other stuff, screaming at the kids (when I had planned to use zen type mothering this year) and a host of little things that have really bugged me.

On the up side I have been able to start exercising a little again and hopefully this will improve my mood. I am only walking, the whole running thing might never be a reality for me now, but I managed thirty minutes pain free on Saturday, and that is the longest walk I have managed since October. If I can manage this every day and work my way up to one hour walking I am hopeful that I will see the scale start to move in the right direction again.

Also good news, I have a temporary fourth child this week as my close friend gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby boy last night and I am looking after her daughter while she is in hospital. Livvy is very easy to look after and we are enjoying having her, we are also very excited about the arrival of little Dorian, and looking forward to meeting him at the end of the week. Something about new babies always makes me smile :-)

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