Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Bad and back again

Last week was a really good week. I stayed within my recommended calorie range for the week, I did all my scheduled exercise, plus some unscheduled extra exercise. I walked for an hour with no pain in my knee. The only down point was that the scales did not move.

Even with the lack of scale movement though I felt really good about my week. Everything about it was based on being healthy, and I know if I can continue in this way for at least 80 percent of the time that I will lose weight and get myself fit again.

So I guess that means that Monday and Tuesday this week count as part of the 20 percent of the time when I suck at doing the healthy thing! My motivation just disappeared out the window and ran off down the street, and I couldn't be bothered to chase it. And the eating - well it sucked a bit too, I managed to stay close to calories, but they were all cheap and nasty calories, not the sort of thing that will assist me in being healthy.

You all know what I am talking about, instead of fresh fruit and veggies, lean meat and whole grain foods making up the magic number, it is ice cream, chocolate, chips etc, you stop when you hit the number, but they are empty calories, you don't feel satisfied, in fact your body is thinking about getting rid of it all because it feels like crap. And as for the headspace, because for so long you have been dieting and thinking about foods that are bad, everytime you eat them you are riddled with guilt or bad thoughts about your self control and ability to lose weight etc.

God this weight loss thing sucks.

I was planning sitting on my bum last night and doing whatever, but I forced myself into my work out clothes and out the door. I walked for forty minutes. I came home, drank 500ml of water. A feeling of peace came over me. The bad run was over for now, the damage minimal, and I was reverting to good habits in spite of myself. Happy.


ness said...

Your doing a great job i find the hardest thing is to get motivated :)

Trish said...

I joined a gym (Curves) and I've gone a few times, and have been trying to eat well and not drink too many glasses of wine. I know that if I keep exercising, I can enjoy the wine and the occasional chocolate and not let it worry me. But I need to lose the weight first and then do the maintenance thing. For now, I'm still just trying to lose it. And I think I've got broken scales because my weight fluctuates 1kg up and down from day to day... it's wierd. I'm having my one month weigh-in at Curves on Thursday and I'm pretty certain I wont have lost anything. Sigh. It's hard, isn't it?