Thursday, December 22, 2005

three sleeps

I cant believe Christmas is almost here again. I still have heaps to do, but at least now the kids are finished at school so I dont have the schedule constraints that imposes anymore. Thankfully all of the shopping is done, I got the last of that finished on Tuesday. I am also finished work for the rest of the year. Just groceries today, and then cooking and wrapping for a few days, then it is all done YAY.

The news on the scales this week has not been good, I have gained 3.5kg! Not happy. I think some of it can be put down to the surgery, I have been retaining fluid and quite swollen since then. But unfortunately some of it can also be put down to the eating I undertook on the weekend when we went to my parents for Dad's 60th birthday party. Thankfully 1kg has gone again, but I am really watching what I eat this week to try and get the other two moving and regain some momentum.

Anyway, off to face the hordes in the grocery store now - you gotta love Christmas right?

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