Thursday, December 22, 2005

Photos YUK

I decided if I am really serious about this whole weight loss thing I need to get some evidence to show that I have made some progress so... today I have posted my start pictures. Although they look bad, they dont look as bad as I expected, but still pretty bad. The side on view is deceiving, because I was twisting to take the photo I look thinner than I really am, but the front on... well enough said about that.

I will update the photos each month with hopefully better ie thinner looking ones.

I jumped on the scales this morning - yes I check every day, and I am down 2.5 kg since Monday YAY. So I am now 80.5 as opposed to the very scary 83 that showed up on Monday. I have been very careful with my food choices, and the DH has grilled me every evening about how my day was. He is not the most gently supportive of weight loss coaches, his method is more crack the whip and shame the fatty, so for the most part I dont listen to him when he is being drill sargeant, but he does act as a good conscience for the days when my own willpower is low.

I have wasted most of the day doing stuff that needed to be done, but overall dont seem to have helped me move forward in getting organised for Sunday. I am sure though once I clear the clutter that has accumulated via three children being under foot things will be better than they seem. Tomorrow I have a big day of cooking ahead, then cleaning. After that it is only little things, present wrapping and trying to maintain the house till Christmas is over.

Hope everyones lead up to Christmas is running smoothly.


Wendi said...

Isnt it funny how those small 3lbs (I dont use the metric system, but do use a conversion tool due to the fact I have many friends who use it)can make such a big difference. I know that when I gain even 2lbs, I am devistated!! I am a slave to the scale, I will get on it 3 or 4 times a day, its pathetic!! I've battled with my weight for yrs. You dont weigh much more than I, only thing is I carry most of it on my chest. Not exactly a blessing :( My entire life I've wanted a breast reduction. I have a New Years resolution to lose 20lbs by March.

Mia Goddess said...

Well, you may not like what you see, but it's obvious to me that all your workouts are paying off... You have lovely proportions and shape!