Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Inner demons...

The demon has struck again, you know that inner demon that whispers that a little bit more wont hurt, even though I really know it will. And I cant seem to resist it. This last week I have eaten more than my fair share of eveything going around. Even worse, I make excuses because the kids are on holidays that I am buying it for them, then I let them eat one serve, and finish off the rest when they are not looking. I HATE school holidays, my demon thinks it is a good excuse to abandon any good eating I have established and hoe into the crap.

At least I have one thing to be proud about, for the first time I did not put my gym membership on hold for the holidays, I booked all the kids into the creche and went to pump on Monday, and I have them booked in for Thursday too. One rose amongst the thorns in my behaviour. I have also continued Karate training through the holidays so at least my exercise is still looking OK.

We are off to Wombeyan Caves this weekend for three nights camping. Cant wait, should be fantastic. The winter has been so long this year (well it seemed longer than last winter anyway) we are all really needing to get away and breathe in some fresh air. It also breaks the school holidays in half so the kids wont have a chance to complain about being bored, which is a good thing too.

Well it is time to pull my head in and send the demon back to where it belongs. I know what I should be doing, now it is time to do it. NO MORE BISCUITS.

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