Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pass me a bucket...

Did my first HIIT session this morning. Now I know I am a bit out of shape for running, but I did not realise just how much till about 7.00am this morning when I completed my third minute of HIIT. Three down one to go, pass me a bucket PLEEAASE!

The fourth minute was sheer hell, admittedly I really pushed myself hard, after all it is only four minutes, and what is the point if you are only doing it half heartedly. I continued walking for another twenty minutes afterward, and it took about ten of those before I felt I wasnt about to throw up.

So it has begun. Now if I could get my head around the eating I would be well on the way, but I was so exhausted for the rest of the day I just ate whatever came to hand without much effort. More planning needs to be done for my next HIIT day which will be on Thursday.

An hour of Karate training tonight, a half hour walk in the morning and two hours of bowling, and twenty minutes of pilates tomorrow will cover my exercise for the next fortyeight hours.

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