Monday, July 4, 2005

Aboard the rollercoaster

Last week started out well, first session of HIIT, motivated to do the things I need to do to lose this weight, but somehow after the first day things just hit a downhill... how far down? A fair way. I have no excuses that even sound plausible, I just did not make myself make the effort, I gave in far too easily and let myself down.

On the exercise front the rain interfered, but really I am not made of sugar, and I could walk in the rain, it is only a little bit uncomfortable but not life threatening. I could have used a skipping rope to do HIIT in the backyard when the rain was holding off for a short time. I only need four minutes.

And the food. Well the bread, butter and vegemite made an appearance this week, each afternoon, it was like a PMS binge, except that I am over PMS for this month. I know I really need to get over this, I need a huge kick up the bum to get me stumbling in the right direction.

I weighed myself on Thursday and came face to face with a 500g gain, aaarrrggghhh. No less than I deserved you could say, but still hard to face up to. I weighed again on Saturday and was 1kg lighter so who knows what the right result really was. I think the gain was mostly carb bloat after the copious amounts of bread I ate earlier in the week, but who knows it could be real.

Friday was a much more controlled day, in fact I ate less than normal but I was really listening to my body and it was telling me it was not hungry so who am I to argue. Saturdaya was OK too, 1.5 hours of karate training was good, and I ate reasonably all day. Dinner was good, although slightly oversized portions due to having guests and letting it all go. Bad habit, but overall the damage was slight, and much better than I have been in the past. I am getting better at the eating in groups thing over time, one day I might be able to say I have it under control.

Today has not been bad food wise either. I need to eat more fruit and drink more water, but the choices otherwise have been normal and moderately sized. Now to just do the same tomorrow and add a bit more exercise.

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