Monday, July 13, 2009


I had a lovely weekend with my visitors, my gorgeous sister and her family. Its so fun to see her with her kids. Its sort of strange to me to see my baby sister with babies of her own, she still doesn't seem old enough in my mind to be a mama!

Her oldest boy is four and suffering a serious case of hero worship - he followed my almost 14 year old son around the entire weekend, he slept in his room, kicked the footy with him, played on the wii with him, and generally did whatever my son was doing. Apparantly all of the kids in his preschool class know all about "my cousin" and what he does, and we are guessing that news this week will involve a long detailed explanation of the time he spent with us on the weekend, although the only person likely to be mentioned will be my eldest :-)

Her middle child, and only daughter is a sweet, funny headstrong little one, whose affection for our dollhouse was immeditate and strong. The funniest thing she kept doing was throwing the dollhouse resident pooch out the window to the porch, because "dogs not allowed in the house", that really made me laugh!

And then there was baby pudge, whose smile is to die for. He wasn't the happiest little chap as he is getting a mouthful of teeth right now, but we caught glimpses of his good humour, and that was enough. He is all together too cute!

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