Thursday, July 16, 2009

Right now ...

you are changing from day to day.
you like to make us both a hot drink after the girls go to bed.
you are spending a lot of time reading car magazines, and playing car racing games on the wii and computer.
you like to tell your sisters what to do.
you will eat anything that catches your eye... make that everything that catches your eye.
you are taller than me.
you are taller than Aunty Nessa (she is so peeved).
you play your electric guitar more than your acoustic.
your voice is almost broken.
you use too much of my expensive hair paste.
you dont want to have your hair cut too short.
you are not enjoying football as much as you used to.
you need to wear your glasses more often.
you love to tease me.
you get "grown up" jokes more often.
you ride your bike to and from school (when you dont have a flat tyre).
you are not very good at completing your homework.
you are very very good at maths.
you think English lessons are a waste of time.
you like reading the same books as me.
you like listening to Fallout Boy and Nickleback.
your best friend is Tom.
you will be 14 in three months.
you wear size 10 shoes.

Love you kid xxx


Zanna, travelling tart, back in Oz said...

What a wonderful tribute - and something he will have all his life - we don't tell each other often enough how important and loved we are. You're a lovely mum Z xx

Joc said...

Thanks Z xx