Tuesday, July 14, 2009

School Holidays

Today felt like the first day of the school holidays for me YAY, even though the kids have been off school since Thursday (and Pumpkin had been home most of last week sick). It was great to be able to cruise around in my pj's most of the day and not rush to do anything.

The kids have been watching episodes of Charmed while I have been messing around on the computer and cooking. We had cinnamon scrolls for morning tea - YUM, and we have a Chocolate Cake to work our way through later courtesy of The Pioneer Woman.

Also on a positive note I had my hair cut short two weeks ago, and today I finally got the hang of styling it the way I want it!! I was so frustrated with it, and was thinking of going longer again, but now I think I will stay with it a bit longer. It is so much easier to look after than it was long, and it looks much healthier too. Maybe I will post a photo if I can get one I like, or maybe I will be too shy and you will just have to imagine.



Zanna, travelling tart, back in Oz said...

C'mon - a picture please!Zxx

Jenny said...

I would love to see your haircut. Pretty please! I love school holidays, such a relaxing time. My kids went back this week, and I missed them, but do enjoy the quiet too.

Joc said...

OK, I will get one of the kids to take a photo and show you :-)

cranky said...
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beetricks said...

Joc, I am TOTALLY making that cake before school goes back! Thanks for the link!!!!