Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I cant believe it has been so long

I just noticed the date of my last post 20th December 2007!! That was ages ago, so yes Cranky I am coming back to blogging, but I can see why it looked like maybe I wasn't.

The past six weeks have just been kind of ... busy. Lets recap,

End of school year - every year I love it, but I hate it. This time the kids finished school on Friday 21st, which gave them next to no time before Christmas day to go shopping, sort and toss all of their old school stuff, unwind and relax before it was actually Christmas. I hate that they don't break up from school until so close to Christmas day. So that week was hectic to say the least.

Christmas Day - for once it was really relaxed, we spent most of the day at home, we had a sleep in, opened presents, had a leisurely breakfast, then spent a few hours setting up the new W!i, and learning to play "Happy Birthday" on the new keyboard. A light lunch, a long walk, then we headed to my brother in laws for tea and some light socialising. It was a really enjoyable day.

My DH was home for the next week, and we all just hung out together in the backyard. The kids also got a table tennis table from DH's parents, so there was a day in putting it together, then the competitive streak came out in all of us, and the tournaments commenced lol. As kids we had a table at my parents house, it brought back lots of good memories spending time with my own kids playing table tennis. Good clean (mostly anyway) family fun without the aid of electricity! We even managed to teach the dog not to eat the ping pong balls, and we can now leave them anywhere and he wont touch them.

January - visits from my parents, my best friend (finally living on the East Coast again YAY), good friends here in Canberra, then packing for a two week coastal camping trip, then actually going camping, then back home for Australia Day, BBQ's with more good friends here, cobbling together items for the kids return to school, and trying to organise my extremely disorganised house. Is January over yet ;-)

Which brings me to today, the last day the kids are home. Tomorrow they are all back off to school. First born is off to High school, the girls are in 4th and 1st grades this year. So that is a quick up date on the last six weeks. Tomorrow I can begin in earnest for the year, starting with a post on my feelings on First born beginning high school, which I am almost as apprehensive about if not more so, than when he started kindergarten.

Stay tuned


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Brandi said...

Good to see you again, Joc! I've not commented very much here, but have always loved your blog, you tend toward being very thoughtful, you know ... and it inspires me to be as well, LOL. So ... welcome back to the blogosphere!