Thursday, December 20, 2007

Secret Santa

When I was small I used to love getting presents, der, who doesn't? But I never really thought much about giving them. We all used to give each other presents (four siblings and two parents), but often we would give each other things that Mum had gone out and purchased and wrapped and put a lable on for us to hand out.

These days I just love giving presents to other people, in fact I probably enjoy it more than getting given presents. I usually buy for myself anything I really want, and the things I really want cost more than I want anyone else to spend on me. This year I decided to make up a special little gift for my sisters. Both have small children, and money is a little tight, and both have to buy their own presents each year, so there are no surprises.

I made them both a little stocking to stick under the tree till Christmas morning. Inside there was a copy of my favourite CD, a couple of cheap paperback romances, some lip balm, some foot cream and some chocolate. All inexpensive, all wrapped separately, but all unexpected. I was so excited when I posted them off this week. Everything in them is just a little thing that is for them only, not something for the house, the children etc. I had planned to put bubblebath and sweet soap in as well, but forgot - der!

I just got a text message from one of my sisters, and she was so surprised and happy, it really made my day. I got the idea from ages ago, but until this year never got my act together to do it. I think it is one I will continue cos it makes me happy :-)


Miss Beck said...

I think that was a beautiful, thoughtful present. Good on you for sharing the love.

Mary Alice said...

That was perfect. I got my sisters lipsticks for their stockings.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Miss Beck said...

Happy New Year Joc!!

Zanna, travelling tart, back in Oz said...

Sorry I haven't been around for a while - hope everything is going well in your world. Love Z xx

cranky said...

You coming back to blog soon, girl?