Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wanna get dirrty

So how dirty???

Filthy... oh get your minds out of the gutter I am talking about good honest old dirt, all right there was some of the other stuff too, I mean it was a weekend away from the kids after all ;-)

Friday started off fairly hectically, there was dropping the kids at school, half a day of work, picking the kids up, dropping the dog at the Pet Palace, kids to Grandmas house, packing the car etc etc, but finally by about 3pm we were on our way. We only took one wrong turn, which is pretty good for us, mind you the other two cars travelling with us had both been to this place before, yet somehow I get to be the navigator, site unseen. I hate that.

The first campground was lovely, set on the Tuross River, and very quiet, we were the only ones there until well after dark, and then only one more party arrived, and promptly ate and went to bed. I kept looking around wondering what was different, but it was just there were no people whining "muuuummmm" oh lovely!

The next day we were off to Bendethera in the Deua National Park. 23 kilometres of goat track, 2 hours duration, very rocky, very steep, and the best part - the flat tyre we got about two thirds of the way in. Thankfully there was no other traffic trying to get in or out, because there was no room to pass us on the track, unless you could fly. So we stayed calm, changed the tyre, then crept slowly down the rest of the track, I of course being paranoid that now we had no usable spare tyre another one would blow and I would be sleeping on the mountain lol.

I love Bendethera, I will post photos later in the week once I download my photos, but it comes as close to heaven on earth for me. The only drawback, the flies have already discovered it this season, and they suck.

Coming home was another goat track, this time with ski jump, and slalom like parts thrown in for good measure. 48 kms, 4.5 hours. Now I am a fairly gutsy kind of girl, up for a challenge, not afraid of physical kind of stuff, but my fingerprints are now permanently imprinted in the hand rail on my door in the car - kind of intense. Especially because my darling husband forgot to put in the tyre repair kit, so our spare tyre was basically useless if we were to get another flat! Just a little too much stress for moi. We both agreed later that it was a risk we shouldn't have taken, our travelling companions assured us they would be with us, and help out if anything went wrong, but they neglected to accurately remember the state of the track, and how long it would actually take to travel that far!

But alls well that end well right?! Our friends also brought along the most fabulous device ever invented for campers, the portable HOT WATER HEATER and shower tent!!! so I was able to shower once we set up camp the second night, and man it felt so so so good. I have a long wish list of camping equipment, and it is right at the top :-)

So there is the rundown, my fingernails are nearly clean underneath, and I will post pictures later. Hope you had a great weekend too.



Zanna, travelling tart, back in Oz said...

Sounds like despite the unexpected adrenalin rushes from time to time you had a brilliant time. And love the sound of the hot shower thingy - how good would that be.

Miss Beck said...

A hot water heater and shower tent? Man that would have felt incredible!!!

These are the moments that keep us alive and I agree with Zanna, sounds like you had a brilliant time.