Monday, September 4, 2006

Minus 400g

Yay another loss. That makes three in a row. Mostly only small ones, but losses none the less.

Even better, after a really lovely weekend away with the DH, I didn't gain any back, and am on track for another loss this week. :-)) Happy

Now the weekend away. We left on Saturday morning to scout out a great camping spot for our next biannual camping trip. We don't like to choose a spot sight unseen so we always make a trip to check things out. This time we are going to the lovely Hunter Valley north of Sydney, and given that we live in Canberra, three hours south of Sydney we were in for a fair amount of driving.

It took us five hours to get to the first spot we were considering. Then we decided we needed to check the second spot, as the first one just didn't click with us. Given that it was now five pm we decided to find somewhere to stay and check the other spot on the Sunday morning. The second spot was perfect, so we are booked in there for the long weekend in October, I can't wait.

This is a picture of Lostock Dam where we are staying.

We stayed in the Francis Philip Motor Inn which was great, rooms scrupulously clean and welcoming, lovely restaurant on site, very comfortable beds. We decided to have dinner in the restaurant on site rather than trying to find something in town and having to drive back afterwards. The meal was a little more expensive than we would usually have but the food was truly good.

I started with bruschetta, which I love love love, and hardly ever have, as my entree, then I had an olive, fetta and mushroom risotto as my main meal (but I only ordered the entree size). DH had salt and pepper squid which was beautiful, then seafood crepe. We chose to share a chocolate mousse dessert, then a cheese platter. One bottle of red wine from Draytons, very nice indeed, and a Midori and lemonade just because I like them. The best thing was I got up from the table feeling good, not overfull, and I didnt suffer from that bad feeling in the middle of the night when you wake up knowing you have eaten too much!

All in all I was pretty pleased with the way I ate and the choices I made, and I really enjoyed the meal, more than I have enjoyed a meal in absolute ages.

I was nervous about checking the scales this morning for fear of gaining after my decadent night out, but I was thrilled to see that I did not gain, and in fact look like I may have lost another 100g since Friday YAY!!

The kids and the dog had a great time at grandma's, so there was no need for feelings of guilt from having deserted the little darlings for the weekend. And best of all DH and I spent some quality time together that we both really enjoyed, and the bedroom stuff wasn't bad either ;-)

The week is now stretching out in front of me and looking less drastic than some of my most recent weeks. The big project I was working on at work is all but complete, so the pressure of that is gone. My boss has a birthday on Tuesday, so not much will be achieved in the office that day, Wednesday I am free to go swimming again for as long as I like, then Friday is completely clear, so a bit of scrapbooking should be on the agenda. It is lining up to be the best week I have had for ages :-))

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Kenz said...

Your dinner sounds delicious! Congrats on your loss, and the decision to go swimming. I think you'll really like it, it breaks the monotony of normal exercise... and it tones you heaps, its like pilates - all that stretching!!