Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Well after my last post about being disappointed with only losing 200g I kicked myself up the butt and told myself to stop acting like a child. After all -200g is still a LOSS!!! So I got on with the job of being an admirable weight watcher.

And I was doing a fantastic job! My eating totally rocked this week. Stuck to points every day, and I ate really healthy balanced food. Just so good. Plus I have exercised everyday too (pats self on back) good job :-))

Then today I went swimming. I have talked about swimming ever since my knee was healed enough to go in the water, but up until now thats all I have done, talk. Then I read that Dietgirl is going to learn to swim lessons, and she just purchased a new swimsuit, and she lives in Scotland (where it is colder in summer than it is here in winter lol)so if she can do it, so can I (not to mention that I have the biggest blog crush on DG, I think she's the best ;-) so I will imitate in the hopes of being as successful as DG lol)

Anyway I digress

So I went swimmming. Half an hour, the pool was uncrowded, temperature was great, so I just swam (slowly) for half an hour without stopping. I did two laps freestyle, two laps breaststroke over and over. The breaststroke was great because I could feel myself using muscles that I havent used since the knee incident. I was out of breath towards the end and painfully slow, Ian Thorpe need not fear me.

I went home feeling pretty good. Then I was starving, and instead of going straight for my lunch (it was 11.30) I had one of these.

And yes there are two in the pack, and yes I ATE BOTH OF THEM ARRRGGGHHH

And if that wasn't insane enough I went back for the other two pack in the freezer and ate both of them too. Then I demolished a packet of rice crackers, and the dumb thing is I dont really like rie crackers, they are a bit bland and boring, but I love the flavouring sprinkled on them. I feel very short changed when I open a pack and there isnt much flavouring. So I licked the flavouring off, then ate the boring bits that I dont really like, because well, its a bit nasty just to lick off the flavouring and leave nude crackers lying on the plate.

Then I lay on the lounge and fell asleep for over an hour and woke up feeling sick. I wonder why? Der.

So then even though I was feeling crap I had to walk to school to collect the kids because I needed to balance up some of my overeating.

So yes I am insane.

All that good work - dashed upon the unforgiving rocks of gluttony. I have enough points to allow me a small serve of chicken and steamed veggies for tea, which right now sounds like the best possible meal. I am over the rice crackers and ice cream for now, and I will still be within my points for the week, but I can see what a stupid way it was to do it. I have felt so good digestion wise while I have been eating healthy points, eating the same number of points of crap food just doesnt do it for me any more.

So I hang my head in shame at my lapse, but find hope in the fact that in the past I used to do this all the time, now it only happens every once in a while, I am learning from my mistakes.

Heres to a better day tomorrow :-)

Ta ta

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