Friday, August 11, 2006

Used to be so easy

God what has happened to me. Losing weight used to be so easy, and by that I mean I never had to police my hands every time they moved towards my mouth, didn't have to pat down my own pockets for suspicious packages containing high calorie contraband. At the moment I cant trust myself to look away for a second otherwise my hands might have shoved something more in my mouth without consulting my brain first.

I have never struggled with weight loss the way I seem to be right now. It was always a case of keeping track of my points, doing a little exercise and watching the scales go down. Sometimes the progress was slow, but it was still there.

These days I cant make myself do it properly. The week before last I struggled though but I did make it, and I lost 700g, this week I have been like a ravenous animal and unable to show even the slightest hint of self control, and I have gained back that 700g plus a little more.

Gots to get my head straight before I go completely off the rails. I am starting to wonder if I really want it enough? Gotta work out what is getting in my way.

BTW Congrats to Dietgirl, she's a seventies girl again, way to go!!


Kath said...

Gosh, I hear ya. I turned 40 in October of last year and ever since then - it's like my body belongs to someone else. I barely know myself anymore. I alternate between being totally committed to my diet and exercise plan and then, just not giving a shite.

Good luck, I for one know, it ain't easy!

Cinders said...

It's not easy is it? I have total food amnesia but have had a good week thanks to honest tracking. Have a great weekend.

dg said...

hey joc, thanks for your kind words. and believe me i totally know where you're coming from, i battle with it every day and have to slap myself round all the time to keep on track. or just mutter in the mirror.

anyway... HUGGLES, tiger. if ever want to chat about this fatbusting palaver drop us an email!!!