Thursday, June 15, 2006

I hate you

So sad, my son screamed these words at me last week. I know he didn't mean it, and I know at 10 years old I have had a long time of being his favourite person, but I think the hormones are kicking in, the rebelliousness that comes with a pre teen starting to raise its ugly head.

My baby no longer thinks that I know best.

He apologised later, he was even sad when we talked about it, and he let me hug him really tight when it was all over.

Growing up is hard, especially for the mummy.

BTW he is grounded for a month too ;-)

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Madamx81 said...

Hi Joc, i just found you from my blog. That's so great that you still light up his life and he loves you so much. I love the grounding funny!